Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arabesques Challenge/Statement of Purpose

Arabesque has challenged activists to start their own 9/11 blogs for this years anniversary, and its motivated me to start my own blog to assemble my various thoughts on 9/11 in a coherent way(hopefully). As someone who truly wants to see the case reopened, I will probably be following Arabesques lead in trying to point out disinformation and aspects of Truth movement arguments that I find unconvincing and detrimental to the credibility of the movement. I have been following 9/11 for a long time, and nothing is more satisfying than finding a problem with the official story that can not be easily dismissed, and seeing the dots connect. I hate to hear people on talk radio and in person promoting "smoking guns" that are easily shot down and deconstructed. I hope to highlight some of these cases, as well as evidence that I find truly convincing.

I also hope to connect with other activists with the eventual goal of compiling a 9/11 photo, video, and document database. This is a long term goal but something I plan to work on.